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SEO is the long term commitment for new customers.

Search Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service focuses on helping webmasters and website owners to understand the importance of website characteristics and quality of information. Our experienced website marketers will look over your website and give you recommendations on the design and marketing appeal of your website, assisting you in getting optimum conversion rate, so you can achieve your marketing goals in an effective manner.

Online Marketing

We are highly experienced from highly specialized B2B to influential individual and company and high end luxury brand to come up all relevant search engine keywords and organic website promotions to your business to generate the maximum amount of traffic and conversions.

Having data is only valuable if you understand how to turn it into the information that can help your business decision making process. Search Easy mainly focuses on providing Google Analytics reporting service. It is not only an affordable web analytics solution, but also a great generator of advanced web metrics reports. We can constantly monitor and alter the optimization of different pages on the website to ensure that the client is achieving the best possible visibility on the web.

Our SEO Services

  • Strategy Evaluation to evaluate your websites and business objectives
  • Competition Analysis to discover how and where the competitors obtain top rankings
  • Keyword Research to optimize your premium selection and create more possible but most beneficial keywords to your business
  • Tag Copywriting for Title Tags, Meta Tags Description, H1 and Image Tags
  • SEO Content Optimization by our specialized SEO copywriters to create SEO-oriented content
  • Sitemap and URL Structure for better search engines indexation
  • Link Profiling Strategy to organize internal and external links to get the site indexed by search engines
  • Web Analytics Report to evaluate traffic and conversions result

Keyword Research

Performs extensive research to optimize the list of keywords or phrases of your own premium selection and we will help you to find out more keywords or phrases which will be most beneficial to your business.

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Web Analytics Report

Besides comparing past performance and benchmarks, we will also look at the visitors and sales generated from our SEO efforts in addition to monitoring the keyword rankings in major search engines.

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We don't just build websites. We also build on-going and lasting partnerships with our clients. Your websites will be well taken care of by our professional web development team.


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