In today’s increasingly expensive, competitive world, cross media optimization cannot be ignored. Social Media refers to online activities such as social interaction and sharing of information, basically in forms of words, photos, games and videos. While still in its infancy, the tool will continue to grow and evolve. Nevertheless, some of the largest and most innovative businesses have already been using social media marketing tools for years to inform, entertain and connect with customers. It can also help on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process and dramatically improve search engine rankings if used properly.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social networking platform, and also a great platform for marketers and companies to achieve a viral and effective means of promoting their brand, product or website to the Facebook audiences due to its rapidly growing member base of over 40 million members worldwide.

Since the opening up of the Facebook Platform, not only can you create a corporate Facebook account, Page or Group, it also allows developers to build third-party applications for use with Facebook’s user interface for easy aggregation of their favorite online tools and services such as importing and sharing videos, offering more means of attracting audiences.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Today’s approach to marketing incorporates Social Media. With the Social Media Marketing (SMM) trend growing big, it is time to think of Social Media Optimization (SMO) too, just like the bond between Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good SMM depends on a good SMO; SMO is all about helping you gain a “Total Web Presence”, thus gaining the best ROI.

Brand Awareness & Brand-Building

There is no use of having a website without enough traffic and conversion result into your website. Our SEM management can choose any facebook / Google / Yahoo platform to promote your products or web page. Our services also include copy writing for tag lines and creative graphic design that will make your Ad Text or Image Ad more relevant to specific groups and users, and therefore, you spend less to get a more quality click and result.

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Facebook Ad Design

A good Facebook Ad can increase your page engagement and brand exposure. In Searcheasy, we do graphic design for the image ad and have copywriters for Facebook Ad body text.

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We don't just build websites. We also build on-going and lasting partnerships with our clients. Your websites will be well taken care of by our professional web development team.


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